Task Performance Group's MegaXML Helps Manage Azure Resources

The Discussion

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    I am interested in finding out more about MegaXML MCOS and how it provides more efficiency and save money with Microsoft Cloud.

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    fakher halim


    Thanks for your interest. The MCOS is the "MegaXml Cloud Operating System."

    It manages all megaxml resources in cloud -- automatically. Therefore, whenever business documents arrive, they are not just queued up in one server – all servers keep on processing business transactions in parallel.

    Wherever there is computer hardware, there are chances of failures – server can get stuck, go down, or get swamped in workload. MCOS makes sure the documents are never stuck in case of hardware malfunction – they are routed to healthy instances of processing engines.

    Feel free to get clarification if this explanation doesn't make much sense!


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