Task Performance Group's MegaXML Helps Manage Azure Resources

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Task Performance Group today debuted MegaXML Cloud Operating System (MCOS) for its MegaXML B2B e-commerce solutions on Microsoft Azure. MCOS allows clusters of VM instances to be kept busy, resulting in efficient utilization of available Azure IaaS resources.

"Utilizing the flexibility of the Azure platform, Task Performance Group implemented its own operating system to get maximum throughput from clusters of VM instances; therefore, they further reduced operational expenses," said Venkat Gattamneni, Group Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft Azure.

To learn more about Task Performance Group's MCOS on Azure and how it can help your enterprise save money, read the press release

The Discussion

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    I am interested in finding out more about MegaXML MCOS and how it provides more efficiency and save money with Microsoft Cloud.

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    fakher halim


    Thanks for your interest. The MCOS is the "MegaXml Cloud Operating System."

    It manages all megaxml resources in cloud -- automatically. Therefore, whenever business documents arrive, they are not just queued up in one server – all servers keep on processing business transactions in parallel.

    Wherever there is computer hardware, there are chances of failures – server can get stuck, go down, or get swamped in workload. MCOS makes sure the documents are never stuck in case of hardware malfunction – they are routed to healthy instances of processing engines.

    Feel free to get clarification if this explanation doesn't make much sense!


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