Finds Storage Needs for Video Assets with Azure

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Generic Episode Image, which brings extensive childhood development research to parents in simple, easy-to-access and practical one-minute videos, needed a cloud platform that was reliable and fast to meet its high standards and its clients' needs. So it turned to Microsoft Azure as its host in the cloud to store, manage, edit, and share thousands of videos.

Azure makes it easy to deploy, scale and safely store resources in the cloud. uses Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines to run its services and apps, Virtual Networks to securely connect them, and Azure Storage to safely store all assets.

Using Azure allows to distribute its resources across data centers, creating a reliable architecture that ensures fast, reliable streaming and works all of the time, even if some parts of the system fail.

"Microsoft Azure allows us to scale our public and internal services. We need to deliver videos, localized in the right language to our users, wherever in the world they decide to watch it. Azure made this possible," said Chief Technology Officer Dmitriy Lezhnev.

To learn more about, read the mini-case study.

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