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Sebastian Burckhardt - Data Race Detection with CHESS

22 minutes, 7 seconds


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Sebastian Burckhardt gives a short tutorial of some of the new features of CHESS: data race detection and ChessBoard. CHESS is a concurrency testing tool takes a concurrent unit test and executes it with different thread schedules. Sebastian explains us how CHESS can detect data races, a very subtle kind of concurrency bug. You'll also learn how to drill into concurrency issues using the ChessBoard, a little application designed to drill and investigate concurrent tests.

The Research in Software Engineering team (RiSE) coordinates Microsoft's research in Software Engineering in Redmond, USA.


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  • Allan LindqvistaL_ Kinect ftw

    cool stuff Smiley

    but im a little bit confused.. why didnt the old chess find this bug? if it ran with all the combinations of context switches, wouldnt the assert be false?

  • CHESS only places schedule points at synchronization points (calls to System.Threading API, volatiles, interlocked increments). So you need data race detection to uncover more bugs. CHESS now has an option /preemptaccesses that places schedule points before every read/write. However, as currently implemented, this has high overhead.

    -- Tom

  • I spent a couple of time to build a good, working solution for .NET 2.0 / 3.5, so you do not need to wait and install .NET 4.0

    Can you test it using CHESS?


        public abstract class PluginBaseWorkItem<T>


            private static object _sync = new object();

            private T _item;

            public T Item { get { return _item; } }

            public void Run()


                List<WaitHandle> _waitHandles = new List<WaitHandle>();

                for (int i = 0; i < TaskCount; i++)


                    _waitHandles.Add(new AutoResetEvent(false));


                for (int i = 0; i < TaskCount; i++)


                    ThreadPool.QueueUserWorkItem(new WaitCallback(ProcessHandle), _waitHandles[i]);




            protected abstract void ProcessItem();

            protected void SetValue(T item)


                _item = item;


            protected T GetValue()


                return _item;


            protected virtual int TaskCount { get { return Environment.ProcessorCount; } }

            private void Process()




            private void ProcessHandle(object sync)


                AutoResetEvent waitHandle = (AutoResetEvent)sync;






             private class WorkItem : PluginBaseWorkItem<Puzzle>


                protected override void ProcessItem()


                    DlxEngine engine = new DlxEngine();

                    Puzzle value = engine.Generate(20);

                    lock (this)


                        Puzzle item = GetValue();

                        if (item == null || value.Rating > item.Rating)








            public static IPuzzle Create()


                WorkItem workItem = new WorkItem();


                IPuzzle puzzle = workItem.Item;

                return Create(puzzle.Text, puzzle.Seed);


  • garrettvmgarrettvm garrett

    Excellent post! Great use of Picture-in-picture technology. Improves user experience a lot


    seems to be a bug in the comment recording. my comment box showed up blank while the comment showed up under hack2roothotmai??!!

  • I tested it, it works !
    Many thanks for this excellent post !!!

  • Good job ... thank you for this help.

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