RiSE at the Principles of Programming Languages' 09

The Discussion

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    wow sounds boring...
    they need to come up with cleverer and more current topics imho
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    Hi Nicholas,


    After rereading the titles, I realized that they might have sounded too ‘academic’ to you (is that what happened?). All the papers actually tackle fundamental issues about software engineering (although the titles might not convey this on the first look):

    - Do you care about performance estimation: look at "Speed..."

    - Do you care about having correct C programs: look at  Unifying type and property checking..."

    - Do you care how Haskell might look like tomorrow: consider more "Flexible types..."
    - Do you care how we develop and verify multi-threaded programs, then look at "Atomic Actions..." 


    In the future we will try to do a better job at bringing our ideas across.

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    Welcome on Channel 9 to the RiSE team. Nice to see the ACM logo here !   Smiley

    Thank you for the papers : just read the first and it was amazing.

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    Hi Mario,

    Thank you for your encouraging words.  It is not everyday that somebody finds one of our "academic" articles amazing.  I was wondering which article in particular you were referring to.  Was it the one titled "A calculus of atomic actions"?  We would be very interested in your feedback on the article.  Also, let us know if you would like a deeper dive on any of these papers, perhaps in a Channel 9 video.

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    Hi Shaz.

    When I started working in IT (1984) i had access to some "academic" papers thanks to a friend of mine with contacts in US. At that time, internet was not so ... easiliy available Smiley and the amount of info i have now access just searching the web cannot be compared....

    Subjects discussed in those papers drove me through the fascinating world of IT and increased my passion for ... everything that's computing related Smiley

    It was for me a big surprise to see both the ACM logo on Channel 9  AND papers on interesting subjects. Yes, I was referring to "A calculus of atomic actions" but also other papers like "SPEED: Precise and Efficient Static Estimation of Program Computational Complexity" were interesting as well.

    Previously, I was aware of interesting activities going on at Microsoft Research thanks to some of Jim Gray's great papers about SDSS and database techniques applied to Astronomy (yes, I'm also an amateur astronomer). But I didn't know you were also working on Software Engineering.  Nice surprise !

    About the deeper dive in a video: it's a difficult question. Given the level of detail reached by both papers, I could not imagine a deeper level in a video without reaching an excessive length...

    In my humble opinion, you could prepare videos to introduce the subjects to niners and leave the details in the papers. Links to papers' pdfs (and source code if any) should be supplied in the video post.

    my 2 cents...


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