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    cool stuff Smiley but i dont quite get how it works when data in one clique is is needed by a client in another clique?
    or if some state is updated in clique A and a client that happens to be in clique B lisents to that state?
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    Ethan Jackson
    Hi aL_,

    That's an interesting question. The idea is this: In one "logical step" of the system nodes can only interact with their neighbors. If node A wants data to reach node B, which is in another clique, then A interacts with one of its neighbors A' that is closer to B. In the next step, A' can interact with one of its neighbors B', which is also a neighbor of B. In the third step, B' interacts directly with B. The only trick is to add the operations enabling these steps. A realistic system will almost certainly have these multi-step operations. However, in our approach we want to avoid operations that identify specific nodes (e.g. A and B) since we don't know how reliable they are or how they will be connected. Instead, we partition that data across different types of nodes (e.g. Type A nodes and Type B nodes) in the hope that we can always find a node of the proper type in the cloud. Please let me know if that answers your question?


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