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    Wow...I like this kinda stuff. I am a senior senior software architect but I think youngsters and kids would befnefit a lot from this. It will teach them what programming and developing is about and they will develope a mind for logic in software construction. It is a very good preparation kit. Well done to whomever coming up with this tool. Big Smile

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    Its Awesome!!!!

    Touch develop is really cool ;) !

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    I would really like to play with this but I've got the (known) install problem (c101b00b) - is there any cure for this ill on the way?

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    Nikolai Tillmann

    @CbrAInk: This is a known error, and are actively investigating its cause. We are tracking the issue on the following page where we will also post once it has been resolved:

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    Well done, this looks outstanding.

    Do the scripts compile to byte code? If so will it be possible to sell the compiled versions in Microsoft's mobile store?

    It'd be a great way to boost your app store - develop on the phone, test on the phone, submit to the app store direct from the phone. I'd love that, I'd be able to work anywhere - on a train, on a plane, in the park while my kids are playing...

    Just make sure the runtime is included on every Windows Phone device!

    Will it work for Windows eight tablets?


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    good one application, [url=]application[/url] as mr. google says

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