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    cheer@touchstudio!ty very very much for this beginner tutorial,makes me want to gazelle my epic 4g and go buy a wp7.good job guys,keep up the good work!

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    and there's more coming...

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    Francisca Castro

    Felicitaciones MININO!!!!!!!

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    Gracias Francisca! Que sorpresa ver tu 'comment' por aqi...

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    Manjesh Gowda

    I haven't played much with TouchStudio ...

    Steeping in to a common-man shoe ... if I would ever have to write small apps on my mobile ... I would want a programming language which is verbose (i.e. nor confuse me with symbols and keyword )

    Few programs I would write would look like


    --select all the songs which are sung by *Bon* or has name as *bon* and put it in a bonsogs;

    --from bonsongs display all the songs in the alphabetical order;

    --enable shuffle in the list


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    I see what you are getting at, that just seems a little too verbose ... unless all of the work was done with a compiler/interpreter. The problem is, everyone writes and thinks differently, so having such an open language would be anything but easy to implement (I'd imagine.)

    Something more along the lines of SQL-Like syntax would be ideal imo (I've known many non-programmers that easily picked up on SQL and were not only reading but writing it as well in a very short time.)

    Just my $.02

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    It is almost impossible to see what is going on on the screen of that mobile phone. It is not that the guy is doing his job badly. It is the quality of the video that makes this difficult.

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    poor quality of this video makes it difficult to grasp the sense of his manipulations with phone

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