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Update: we renamed the project to TouchDevelop!
Update: This video is outdated! Please refer to the latest documentation on the TouchDevelop web site!

In this video, Peli de Halleux, from the Research in Software Engineering group (RiSE) at Microsoft Research, gives a tutorial using the TouchDevelop editor. Learn how to chart mathematical functions in TouchStudio.

The Research in Software Engineering team (RiSE) coordinates Microsoft's research in Software Engineering in Redmond, USA.



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The Discussion

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    Great stuff.  Wish I had this when I was in university. Big Smile


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    RiSE guys, did you tried this tutorial on an omnia 7? (ver 7008)

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    @gyros23:Nope. Any particular issues on that model?

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    @peli: Problem solved, unbranded my omnia 7, so I was able to install the newest wp7 updates. was: 7008 and is now: 7392

    try to run the demoed script from the video on an omnia 7 (7008) device: several gridlines (maybe infinite) will be plotted.

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    Anyone else notice how slow the response time was ?
    Even the touch accuracy was bad.
    Getting the full list was slow and laggy (look at when he tries to scroll down).

    I'm guessing its running windows phone 7 ....

    TouchStudio looks nice thou as a fun
    Is it useful: no, too much pain to use it with phone 7 due to the issues above.

    Math programs must be fast and responsive, period!

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