TouchDevelop - Plotting Math Functions

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The Discussion

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    Great stuff.  Wish I had this when I was in university. Big Smile


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    RiSE guys, did you tried this tutorial on an omnia 7? (ver 7008)

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    @gyros23:Nope. Any particular issues on that model?

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    @peli: Problem solved, unbranded my omnia 7, so I was able to install the newest wp7 updates. was: 7008 and is now: 7392

    try to run the demoed script from the video on an omnia 7 (7008) device: several gridlines (maybe infinite) will be plotted.

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    Anyone else notice how slow the response time was ?
    Even the touch accuracy was bad.
    Getting the full list was slow and laggy (look at when he tries to scroll down).

    I'm guessing its running windows phone 7 ....

    TouchStudio looks nice thou as a fun
    Is it useful: no, too much pain to use it with phone 7 due to the issues above.

    Math programs must be fast and responsive, period!

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