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TouchDevelop - Script Your Phone ON Your Phone!

10 minutes, 50 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Update: we renamed the project to TouchDevelop!
Update: This video is outdated! Please refer to the latest documentation on the TouchDevelop web site!

In this video, Nikolai Tillmann and Michal Moskal, from the Research in Software Engineering group (RiSE) at Microsoft Research, present a new Windows Phone 7 application: TouchDevelopTouchDevelop is a radically new Windows Phone software development environment, bringing the excitement of the first programmable personal computers to the phone. Now you can write code for your phone on your phone!

The Research in Software Engineering team (RiSE) coordinates Microsoft's research in Software Engineering in Redmond, USA.



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  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    ha, really looks like what I have coded in Quick BASIC long ago.

    but can I do sth like 'Step Over' or 'Run to Cursor' etc or even 'Edit and Continue' ?

  • Looks interesting =)

  • Wow. This is the most useful app I've seen yet. 

  • xyzzerxyzzer Once developer - always developer...

    Me like it! Smiley

  • Why is it "senses" and not "sensors"?

  • MikeMike

    This looked really interesting, but the camera movement and blurring really distracted. Suggestion: camera + tripod and fixed zoom / focus OR can you get the video output directly from the device?

  • Hey, I saw some accelerometer functions in the video but not in my phone!  Hmmm... 

  • Nice!

    Please provide the API on the web site.

  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli

    @Mike: We looking for camera stand/gizmo to make the next movie awesome.

  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli

    @Cristoby: Smiley

  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli

    @dentaku:We tought 'senses' made it more personal, less techie than 'sensors'.

  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli

    @jvs_ca: sounds like a good idea. please drop us the request at touchstudio-feedback _at_ microsoft _dot_ com

  • Evan LarsenEvan Larsen

    Its just the beginning!

  • That is sweet.   

  • LennieLennie

    Bad and this is just a toy... can't use it for anything serious... only for kids right?

  • JohnJohn

    I played around with this and really like the functionality that is already there. Would it be possible to add more social APIs to interact with Facebook?

  • Nice app errrr should I say IPDE..(you figure it out).  After using it for about an hour i realized that it could really use an auto save feature.  because this is a mobile device there is a high chance of the developer being distracted and when the phone comes out of stand by I end up having to start all over again.

    Keep up the work, i've been waiting for a tool like this. 

  • Itay ShakuryItay Shakury

    Nice idea, worst video shooting ever

  • Jason ShortJason Short

    Great idea, really good examples showing quick things you can do on the phone.

  • JoaoJoao

    Briefly tried and looks nice. Is there an import/export feature to share your scripts with others?

  • GeezGeez

    This has great potential. What would be great is if instead of just returning results to the "wall", you could get it to launch results in the native apps like Zune. And then create a tile so I can launch from the home screen.

  • Nikolai TillmannNikolai Tillmann

    @Joao: There is no import/export feature yet; maybe in future updates.

  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli

    @Itay Shakury:working on the video recording issue

  • AnomalyAnomaly

    Awesome idea. This differentiates WP7 with other mobile platforms.

    Is there a way to create an app from TouchStudio instead of just posting to the wall (console)?

    Is it possible to execute the script outside TouchStudio, like placing/moving the script tile onto the home screen?

  • Nikolai TillmannNikolai Tillmann

    @Anomaly: Neither is possible yet, but the TouchStudio team is considering implementing both ideas in some future update.

  • sillysilly

    seem like you need silversomething to see the video

  • christophchristoph

    hi ! i m wondering of there is possibility to send and receive UDP data from your app . I m thinking to do something like project Touch OSC http://hexler.net/

  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli

    @silly: Try the links at the right of the video. One of them should match your configuration.

  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli

    @christoph: UDP is not supported in the current version of WP7.

  • christophchristoph

    hi peli ! will it be soon ? i mean will there be sections to be able to manege bytes sending in UDP ... i m programming this: http://www.le-chat-noir-numerique.fr/ and i m thinking really about a w7 api. i m very interrested in touch studio if its enable to get ride of a computer for programmation dedicated to w7.
    planning to work on it this summer, hesitating with android. but your app seems VERY elegant

  • pelipeli

    I believe UDP has been announced for mango at mix11. However we currently have no plans for UDP in TouchStudio for now.

  • vivsluxvivslux

    Without UDP we are slightly limited , seem much like a platform which going to be located just after other competitors , difficult to see if the real market will accept this approach after all most developers need as many potential end-users something this device will never have.

  • christophchristoph

    well the potential of this framework seems really good.
    now the question is what they want to do from it :
    a simple playtool for social network and phone or a more open tool where users will create new applications from ! ( I promise you could be very surprised every day from the commuity). But this needs some tools !!! ( cast / Udp / string concatenation and analyse )

    what i m not undrestanding is how UDP is not share inside wp7 ?

  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    This is great!  I am surprised they didn't show this off at Mix11 this year.  I have been looking forward to a mobile IDE for a while and really can't wait to try it out.  Big Smile

  • delaco32delaco32

    I tried once a Windows Phone, but I didn't like it. I am happy with my Motorola Xoom. It's a great cell phone and has good <a rel="follow" href="http://www.xoomaccessories.com/">Xoom Accessories</a>. For me Motorola replace any other phone on the market.

  • RyanRyan

    Can I run the program (script) I create with TouchStudio outside of TouchStudio? Maybe Pin to Start? How about sharing the program with other phones?

  • Nikolai TillmannNikolai Tillmann

    We just released an update, TouchStudio v1.1 beta.

    @Cristoby: The accelerometer can now be accessed.
    @christoph: You can concatenate strings ('||' operator)

  • shanthshanth

    how can I access contacts' names in touchstudio?

  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli

    @shanth:access to contacts will be available with Mango.

  • CharlyCharly

    This is GREAT!!
    Now if Microsoft would finally add the possibility to synchronize my WIN Phone with my Outlook in a convenient way, I would be reconciled.

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