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TouchDevelop - Script Your Phone on Your Phone Reloaded

13 minutes, 42 seconds


Right click “Save as…”

Update: we renamed the project to TouchDevelop!
Update: This video is outdated! Please refer to the latest documentation on the TouchDevelop web site!

In this video, Nikolai Tillmann and Michal Moskal, from the Research in Software Engineering group (RiSE) at Microsoft Research, present TouchDevelop for Windows Phone 7. TouchDevelop is a radically new Windows Phone software development environment, bringing the excitement of the first programmable personal computers to the phone. Now you can write code for your phone on your phone!

The Research in Software Engineering team (RiSE) coordinates Microsoft's research in Software Engineering in Redmond, USA.

Note: Unlike our first video, there's no zooming or blurring in this video—promise!


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  • cool! You can access all the phone features, a pile of web content, images, your phone's media libraries, and do interesting things with the data all in a touch-based programming interface. Very ambitious. It looks like lots of work went into this. My questions: Can the scripts be exported/distributed? Will we see a lightweight container to run specific scripts? For instance, could I create a script that TouchStudio will be able to save as an tile and/or icon?

  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli


    > Can the scripts be exported/distributed?

    We are working on a script sharing story but it is not ready yet. In this version of TouchStudio (v1.1), we allow you to export screenshots of your programs, but there is no import functionality.

    > Will we see a lightweight container to run specific scripts? For instance, could I create a script that TouchStudio will be able to save as an tile and/or icon?

    We are improving the experience to run actions more swiftly.

  • Nikolai TillmannNikolai Tillmann

    @paulwhit: you cannot share scripts yet; right now, you can only export them as pictures, so that other people can see and recreate them manually. Also, you can already manage them as tiles, but right now only within TouchStudio, not on the main Windows Phone Start screen.

  • honestly finally something that is gona get some attention.touchstudio for wp7 ?hell ya keep them coming ms!i rarelly comment ms stuff, and i feel this is going under the radar a lot but this tool is epic in my view!

  • You've done a fantastic job surfacing the various libraries...very intuitive.

  • AuxonRichard.Hein Read it: ​http://bitc​oin.​org/bitcoin.​pdf

    Very nice demo.  Can't wait to get a WP7 just so I can use this.  Big Smile 

  • felix9felix9 the cat that walked by itself

    eager to see it discussed after you guys implemented the Cloud Integration and Concurrent Revisions bits.

    any demo for 'externally realized and possibly user-configurable data sources and state can extend the universe of available types' ??

    the 'cooperative multi-threading' stuff is interesting too, any demo for that ?

    great exploration on the 'touchability' front of languages.

  • CharlesCharles Welcome Change

    The RiSE team strikes again! Great work. Any thoughts about combining "touch-script" with RiSE4Fun challenges? Smiley


  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli

    No challenges planned but lots of good stuff still to come...

  • igaligal

    So I'm trying to script a program that will download mp3 files from beemp3.com - my script runs, but then I get a "?PNG" and I can't find the file. I suck @ coding; what am I doing wrong, and where did the mp3 go? Does the "download" code save the file onto my fone, or am I misunderstanding something? Also if someone could email me their reply I would really appreciate it....

  • igaligal

    For clarification : because in wp7 there is no "save target as" option, my script is bare-bones:

    Download(I manually typed the web URL here)
    Post to wall

    Honestly I don't know what I'm doing. I'm upset as it is that the "right-click" menu is pathetic and that I have to try to script a feature that should be built in.

    should there be more script before/after download to specify a save location and file name?? How do i find the file when it's downloaded??

    Or did someone already write a script i can borrow??

  • Peli de Halleuxpeli Peli

    @igal: TouchStudio does not allow you to save files on the phone. Instead you should create a media link and post it to the wall:

        link := web->create media link('.....mp3');
        link->post to wall();


    Please start a uservoice.com forum for touchstudio so we can give suggestions for future updates.

  • igaligal

    @Peli - thanks, will do!!

    And a forum would be awesome for us nubs to troll/learn!!

  • This is a very exciting project.  I highly commend you guys for this and encourage Microsoft to fast track this.  Its a great gateway for beginner software developers into the Microsoft developer ecosystem.

  • Nikolai TillmannNikolai Tillmann

    Regarding requests to suggest new features, and discuss TouchStudio in a forum: Please join the discussion at

  • OkdoneOkdone

    That sounds better. I'm so much into C# that its getting hard for me to think out of the box. Maybe I'm becoming incompetent due to experience but I assure you I've tried learning many languages lately. I'm so much interested in making games for my device coz there isn't any of them free anywhere. So, please release the API and emulators for visual studio.

    And how hard is it for the hardware guys to take out that keyboard from the convertible tablets? We want windows 7 on the go. Just make our laptops a single touchscreen box. We can use USB keyboards if we want it. Just put that Intel i7 in that box give us a touch screen and voice input. It can be a bit heavier coz off course the processor & HDD are more capable. But still serves the purpose well right? That's what consumer is looking for such a long time dear Microsoft.

  • rickrick

    Killer App for WP7
    Great work, thanks.

  • Great!!!...I think this is the first productive (  non-exclusively-consuming-or-entertaining) app I ever seen in a mobile device!! Congrats!!!

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