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After some concerns that connecting InfoPath to a database table was going too far for non-IT power users, I'm following up showing InfoPath integration with SharePoint - no database necessary.

As always, learn more about InfoPath at my blog.



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The Discussion

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    Nice post.

    One more thing .. at the save part, you will not get the Sharepoint folder unless you have configured the save there.
    In my case, I was prompted with the My Documents folder by default.

    To configure a folder, go to Your List -> Settings -> Form Library Settings ->Advanced Settings
    - enter the destination document url in the "Custom Send To Destination" section.
    - you can also force it to use the browser, instead of the InfoPath client by choosing "Display as Web Page" in the "Browser-enabled Documents" section.

    For more advanced stuff, you can add a save button and concatenate a filename from the entered fields and display an alternative view on success.

    Hope it helps.
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    broken media link !!!!
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    Very good post. Next I would like to see integrating it so that it can be filled out via the web. The environment I'm in does not allow everyone to have InfoPath to be installed on their computer.

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    I'm not able to play the demo

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