Pete at MIX10: Cory Plotts on Snoop for WPF

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Folks in the WPF world have long relied on Snoop to figure out what the heck is going on in their applications. Originally written by Pete Blois from the MS Expression team, Snoop provides information about all the elements, and even a slick 3D blown-out view of the visual tree.

Cory Plotts has taken over Snoop development and added a bunch of enhancements - some his own, and some from the community. I caught up with Cory at MIX10 and talked to him about what he's been up to and why Snoop is awesome.



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The Discussion

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    thank you very much for keep improving this essential tool for wpf developers ! Smiley

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    In fact, if anyone has feature ideas or notices any issues ... please go join the involvement at by starting a discusion or lodging a feature request and/or bug in the issue tracker.

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    Thanks! As I mentioned in the video, the community reception to my efforts has just been great ... and I hope to continue adding value to this extremely useful utility.

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    Tore Aurstad

    I use Snoop quite often now, in synergy with Visual Studio. Snoop is able to quickly show me the Visual tree build-up and let me manipulate properties in run-time. In addition, I use the "Delve" option to go into the DataContext and see the values of my View-model classes, often it is not easy to see where one View model starts and another begins when one uses a hierarchical build up of regions as is often the case of MVVM pattern that I implement WPF with. Snoop is an invaluable tool much like Firebug to get control of the development process of WPF applications.Perhaps it should be possible to have a button "Select item" to quickly mark an element in the GUI and see where it is in the GUI, in addition XAML resources for styles and templates of GUI elements should perhaps be easier to extract. A console would also be nice :-)I am not sure what is possible to implement, Snoop as it is today is already a quity handy, nifty tool for WPF developers around.  

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