Pete at Microsoft: Tsitsi Gora on being a Designer at Microsoft

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    Jamie (Tevyn)

    Great advice.  I'm a wannabe UX Designer and have been looking for my "in" connection for that occupation.   I really want to help HCI along to the point where tasks become extremely simplistic and almost thought less.  Like tying your shoe.   It needs to be done, but only requires a little bit of hand coordination.

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    Good video.  The typing in the background was annoying, though.

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    Nice video,
    I would like to ask a question, that, how will be the career for Silverlight Designer, will it Good, The Best ? any
    Actually i am working as a silverlight designer, do i have to change my career or i have to continue with this, some of my friends are expecting low demand in design, so that i have little bit confusion here..
    any suggestions please ....

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    @ Jamie....... I love the idea of HCI and immersive technologies. You should check out some of the design work going on at the MIT Media Lab. They have some really interesting explorations going on there. @ Shaggygi ....... Yeah.... I know...We kinda underestimated that. Hopefully you did get some interesting thoughts from the video snippet. @ Shang........ Silverlight is a really great technology for building very compelling and immersive graphics driven apps. I think as a designer there will always be demands for creating that kind of rich content and interactive media. There are so many opportunities to innovate. I'd recommend getting into the phone world. Build some cool phone apps and get your designs out there for people to enjoy!! Windows Phone 7 is out and you can build apps based on Silverlight. It's an exciting new space and mobile devices and the world of apps are where some of the best design experiences will come from in the future! @ Dentaku.............Thanks. Our team worked very hard to get some great designs for you guys to enjoy...
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    Jerry Masarira

    I really enjoyed the discusion you had. It was very informative.

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