Pete at Reykjavik: Silverlight, Azure, RIA Services Event Site in 8 days

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In January, I spoke at the best of tech-ed and Convergence 2010 conference in Reykjavik, Iceland. The event was a huge success, bringing in one out of every 300 people in Iceland (just under 1200 people total)

While there, I met with Sig (Sigurjon Lydsson - Microsoft) and Jon (Gudmundur Jon Halldorsson - Landsbankinn) and talked about the awesome site they built for the event.

The site is 100% Silverlight, powered by WCF RIA Services, with data and app hosted in Azure. They built out the first functional and usable version in 8 days. The site supports registration, general event info, scheduling, speaker bios, track info etc. - everything you'd expect to see in an event site.

  • Gudmundur Jon Halldorsson - Twitter, (gudmundurjon -AT- hotmail DOT com)
  • Sigurjon Lydsson - (v-siglyd -AT- microsoft DOT com)
  • Pete Brown - Blog, Twitter

The site is still live and running at 



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The Discussion

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    Ben Hayat

    What was the story with the "padded" room? Smiley


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    It was this really odd room off of the speaker lounge. We called it the "Scream Room" in case any speakers had to let loose. My guess is it is meant to be relatively soundproof. It was also super hot in there with the door closed. The room was the size of a walk-in closet.

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    Ben Hayat

    Are you sure you were not in prison, interviewing two prisoners? Smiley It looked to me like a room where you get confession from political prisoners... Smiley BTW, nice video camcorder!

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