D-Series SSD VMs in IaaS

Play D-Series SSD VMs in IaaS
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I did a quick interview with Kenaz Kwa, Program manager on the Microsoft Azure Runtime Team - part of the IaaS compute team. Kenaz talks about the new D-Series virtual machines in IaaS: 

  • They are approximately 40-50% faster CPU wise then previous VMs sizes
  • double the memory to core ratio
  • up to 5 time faster disk performance.

After chatting for a bit - Kenaz does a demo of the provisioning and also some raw performance on the disk with IOmeter.

NOTE: At the time of the interview - only PowerShell provisioning was possible. Now you can provision the new D-Series using the new Azure Portal.

You can read the FULL details (including provisioning scripts) in his blog post which can be found here: https://azure.microsoft.com/blog/2014/09/22/new-d-series-virtual-machine-sizes





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