Debunking Azure Myths: Azure doesn't scale out to large and complex workloads

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A lot of myths and misinformation out there about what you can do with Microsoft Azure and what using Azure is like. I figured it was time to debunk some of these myths by talking to the engineering team to see what they have to say.

MYTH: Azure doesn't scale out to large and complex workloads

People think that deploying large and complex workloads is a slow and cumbersome task on Azure.  You have to learn PowerShell and write complex scripts to accomplish serial tasks in order to get your app up and running on Azure. With the recent update to Azure Resource Manager now supporting declarative json files which include information on compute, storage and networking - this is definitely not the case.  I tracked down Mahesh Thiagarajan, Senior PM on the Azure IaaS Team to talk to me about the new template model and how it applies to complex workload deployment.

Check out this post by Corey Sanders about the public preview of template-based deployments of Compute, Storage and Networking.

This is the Third video in a series of posts about Debunking Azure Myths. Stay tuned for the next episode.






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