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This is part 2 of a multi-part series where Rob Bagby will be building an Azure application from the ground up.  The application will be a shopping cart application with a Silverlight Front End.  The goal of this application is to illustrate various features of Windows Azure and in coming weeks, portions of .NET Services. 
In this screencast (Part 2), Rob will illustrate how to work with Azure Table Storage.  He will start by working with local development storage (the cloud on your box), setting up our Wine table which we will use to store our catalog.  He will write the code to insert and fetch data from Table Storage, as well as a simplified ASP.NET version of the wine catalog UI (we will leave Silverlight until part 3). Please reads Rob's Blog Post for great documentation on how to work with Azure Table Storage.  Also, if you are interested in a deeper understanding of accessing Azure Table Storage, catch the screencast on channel9!



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    Super Rob. Very nice introduction to the Azure tables and Coho project. The quality of the video is not as good as compared to the Part 1. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

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