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This is part 1 of a multi-part series where Rob Bagby will be building an Azure application from the ground up.  The application will be a shopping cart application with a Silverlight Front End.  The goal of this application is to illustrate various features of Windows Azure and in coming weeks, portions of .NET Services.  The first few posts will concentrate on Windows Azure, our Cloud Operating System.  I will illustrate things like the developer fabric, hosting various pieces of an application in the cloud (web pages, services, Silverlight components), as well as working with Azure Table Storage.  From there, we will keep going, adding and updating pieces of the application.
In this screencast (Part I), Rob will illustrate how to get your development environment, as well as a Windows Azure Hosted Services Project set up.  He will then build a simple "Hello, World" application, run and debug it locally and finally deploy it to the cloud. 
Please reads Rob's Blog Post for great documentation on how to get your environment set up!



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The Discussion

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    Loved the intro music!

    Good screencast too.
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    Thanks!  I appreciate it!  Part II is complete and will be out next week.
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    Having already done this once, I found the hardest part was trying to take Windows Azure Storage linked into the ASP.NET project linked into .NET ria services so the silverlight app could access it.  Doing any one part of that wasnt too tough, but trying to mix the technologies together (especialy given that there is no cloud based domain service so you have to kind of write your own).

    I fear alot of people are going to skip a few steps and access the windows azure storage directly from the silverlight client, and thats just totaly insecure.
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    Actually, I am not going to use .NET RIA Services.  I am going to create a RESTful WCF service and consume it.  With regards to going directly to table storage, I do not believe that is possible with the current Silverlight Bits.  I don't think SL allows you to add an Authorization HTTP header which is required to access table storage.
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    i cannot download the video file in (WMV,WMA) format.


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