deCast - Building an Azure App Part III: Hosting Web Services and Silverlight

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This is part 3 of a multi-part series where Rob Bagby will be building an Azure application from the ground up.  The application will be a shopping cart application with a Silverlight Front End.  The goal of this application is to illustrate various features of Windows Azure and in coming weeks, portions of .NET Services. 
In this screencast (Part 3), Rob will illustrate how to host WCF Services and Silverlight controls.  Specifically, Row will build a RESTful service with WCF and consume that service from a Silverlight control that he builds.  We will look at SOAP services in a later post.  This will be serve as the start to the catalog for our cart.  Please reads Rob's Blog Post for great documentation on how to host Services and Silverlight Controls in Windows Azure.



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The Discussion

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    This is a great series, really helping me out with my out-of-hours hobby project (Azure, Silverlight 3, ASP.NET MVC, Prism 2.0, oh my!).

    I am impatient for the next installment, and more information on Azure Table Storage (hopefully something on more complex data queries).


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