Searching Active Directory with .NET (Visual Studio 2005)

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    I'm a VIsual Basic developer. Do you have this project available in Visual Basic code?

    David Carpenter
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    Robert Shelton
    David, as funny as it sounds, I am a Visual Basic developer as well, but I've started doing demonstration code in C# to learn that language as well.  I don't currently have this in VB.NET, but if there is a lot of interest around a VB port, I will happily port the code and place it on the site.

    Currently I am working on some web cast for Windows Communication Foundation, otherwise, I would just do it now.  After I finish those, I will look at porting all of my screencast to both VB and C#.  This way, no one gets left out and it's easier for me, since it is more natural for me to read/write in VB.

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    I couldn't find the VB-Code in the net, so I just ported it myself:

    ' If you want to search in a specific path, here's the right spot.
    ' Just insert the path into "As New DirectoryEntry("LDAP://OU=Accounting,DC=World,DC=com")"
    Dim Entry As New DirectoryEntry
    Dim Searcher As New DirectorySearcher(Entry)
    Dim AdObj As SearchResult

    Searcher.SearchScope = SearchScope.Subtree

    Searcher.Filter() = "(ObjectClass=user)"

    For Each AdObj In Searcher.FindAll
    Label1.Text = Label1.Text & "CN=" & AdObj.Properties("CN").Item(0) & " | Path=" & AdObj.Path & "<br>"

    I coded it with for a webapplication.
    But the App does exactely the same as the first example.
    I hope you can use it.

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    First of all...great work. I had been searching for a couple of days for exactly what your screencast showed. I am having some problems though.

    Instead of the common name, I would like to display the users logon name. I have been messing around, I got a look at the target's AD schema, and have found some promising attributes to plug in. However, If I try to use and attribute that is not "mandatory" I get a "ArgumentOutOfRangeException"

    Here is my code (almost exact to yours)
    DirectoryEntry adDirecEntry = new DirectoryEntry();

                DirectorySearcher adDirecSearch = new DirectorySearcher(adDirecEntry);

                //set the search scope
                adDirecSearch.SearchScope = SearchScope.Subtree;

                //Set the filter. For this example we will be looking at all users
                adDirecSearch.Filter = "(ObjectClass=user)";

                //Execute the search and iterate through the result
                //Write results to lboAD for display
                foreach (SearchResult adObject in adDirecSearch.FindAll())

    It is at "lboAD.Items.Add(adObject.Properties["uid"][0]);" that I get the exception. At first I thought it was maybe something else, I dunno what....but it will only display results when I use a mandatory attribute, no matter the ObjectClass.

    Is it something to do with my target's AD schema? Is it something I am doing wrong?

    Thanks, and again, great work!!
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    Is there a way to view video in full screen?

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    it's great code,
    but i'm using visual studio 2003 & when i run the code it gives me "The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contacted "
    so please advice

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