SharePoint Document Workflow: Programmatically Creating a User Task

Play SharePoint Document Workflow: Programmatically Creating a User Task

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    Ricardo Irineo

    Greetings Robert, I was wondering, int the video you show how to connect outlook to a sharepoint task list, I did that but doing it allows me to see task that aren't assigned to me, is it possible to filter the task I export to Outlook to only show those assigned to the current user?, I know i can apply filters in outlook but it's not practical.


    Thanks in advance!.

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    Is there a way to program an auto reminder in the SharePoint Workflow (say 1 hr to the expected delivery time) to inform the user that he/she has 1hr left to execute task. Especially when the user is always on Microsoft Outlook.


    Thanks in advance!

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    I have a problam with sharepoint. I want to alert to approver in workflow in sharepoint 2007.
    How do I do?
    Thanks a lots.

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