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This video came to us from Adam Carter. I'll let him introduce it all himself:

Back in October, I posted a blog entry asking who people would want to hear from in MS IT about their work. I got just one response back, suggesting I talk to Ron Markezich about MMS (Microsoft Managed Services – basically outsourced desktop management).

Ron’s the VP of Managed Services, and he looks like a nice enough guy on his Press Page, so I emailed him asking if we could do an interview. After a few email exchanges, Ron and I decided that it would be better to interview someone a little closer to the actual technology, and he put me in touch with Mike Adams. The result is the interview here.

We talk about what Managed Services are, how you go about building and migrating to a managed environment, what products you need to do it, and generally what happens when you take Administrator permissions on the PC away from an end user.

Oh, and right before our meeting, Mike had just gotten out of an executive review with Bill Gates.

(note to self – my exec review meetings are not nearly as bad as they could be)

p.s. the strange background noise towards the end of the interview is in fact the sound of snow/hail/sleet smacking into the windows.



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    Very interesting video. Having been involved in rolling out a similar environment without granting developers full administrative rights, it's certainly interesting to see how Microsoft deal with things.

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