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    I am working on an ASP.NET Virtual Earth Server Control using ASP.NET AJAX. My control implements the IScriptControl interface and I am having trouble with getting some properties of my control that are collections to persist down to JavaScript/Client-side collections in the page. Does anyone know of any good articles/tutorials that talk about using a custom JavaScriptConverter with ASP.NET AJAX? Are there any resources on this yet?

    My control is located at I am still working on the ASP.NET AJAX version, so the current version available doesn't use ASP.NET AJAX.

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    CR - sounds like a cool project... I am very supportive... Drop my a line with some more details on what you are runnining into and I will see what I can do..



    brada AT
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    Hi guys,
    i'm building a website, about trips, (on motorcycle), around the world, and i'm trying to build a control that would allow users to define the routes, and it would be very cool to actually see the map and just pin some points and voila!, the route is done.
    I was close to start the development to use the google maps, but thanks to CRPietschmann (well.. the truth is i got to this page because of Brad's video;) ) I discovered the Microsoft Virtual Earth might be even better, well at least the roads are better defined in my region.

    At first look it seems i could use the CRPietschmann's server control, what i wanna ask you is if you recommand me to wait until you port it to AJAX, or i can start using it right away, also if you need some help on porting maybe i could give a hand. Smiley

    Thanks for your time and have a good night Wink


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    Sorry for such a delayed reply to your question. I didn't see that you posted here until today.

    I actually put up the first "Alpha" release of the AJAX version of my PietschSoft.VE control last night. This first "Alpha" release only implements the most basic VE features, but it will grow in future releases.

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