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In this video, the first of several on Expression, I get an overview of Expression from Eric Zocher and Doug Olson.

Because there are several different applications which belong to the Expression family, it seemed like a good idea to get this high level look at the suite.

We talk a bit about each of the products, as well as the backgrounds of Eric and Doug and how they made the migration from another prominent software company to Microsoft.

This is a pretty big deal, really. The Expression tools represent a very new way of looking at application development. It's completely different from the developer-centric world of Visual Studio that we're all used to. Now, designers are going to take a more prominent role in the development process.

And you should be excited Smiley

Yeah, yeah - it might feel like some of your power is being taken away, but the reality is that you're going to be freed from drudge work so that you can focus on what's really important - what your application does.

The days of having to write a bajillion lines of code to change the way a button looks, for example, are coming to an end. With Expression, you'll be able to just draw what you want.

Pretty neat.



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The Discussion

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    Thank you for the overview of the Expression Studio.

    Expression will be released the second quarter of 2007!Tongue Out

    Are you planning to have national launch events?

    Where and when?

    Any plans to add a NLE for video and a motion graphics applications similiar to After Effects to the Expression Studio?

    Thanks again.


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    I know from the video that both Eric and Doug are new to Microsoft, however, it would be nice if they answered some of the questions posted.

    Great interview and I cannot wait to use Expression Blend and Web.

    Believe it or not, my first "multimedia" course was for Authorware.

    Enjoyed the Expression series.

    I am listening to them again.



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    "Windows Presentation Framework"

    I think he meant "Windows Presentation Foundation"

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