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[Note: Looks like I made a couple small mistakes while chunking the original interview up into smaller pieces. While it looked like they were ending at exactly the right time, it appears each video has an extra second or two of talking that I meant to cut off. The result is that the video stops right in the middle of a comment by Fabrice that's actually for the next video in the series. Simply put, there's nothing missing, and Fabrice will get to finish his comment in the next video - apologies Expressionless ]

Whatever warm cuddly advances are made by large corporations toward community efforts and transparency, there are still serious and valid concerns about the ramifications of letting civilians produce content.

This is part two of the series on the MSDN dev and internationalization wikis.

In this one, we talk about some of the work Fabrice and team had to do to push these projects through, get them approved, and implemented.

Don't know about you people, but I look at community involvement as being a great thing for everybody. However, I'm not the one who has to take responsibility for opening up a site to modifications from the general public. When we see these projects, it's easy to forget the kind of risks that are being taken on behalf of the employees who drive the efforts.

This interview reminded me of what those risks can be...

The Series:

- Video #1: Saying Hello

- Video #2: How and Why

- Video #3: A Huge Responsibility

- Video #4 (last): Internationalization


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