Managing IIS 7 with Windows PowerShell

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    Powershell is a really cool technology and Jeffrey Snover is one of the nicest guys I have met. Last year I started a project to build integration between PowerShell and MOM 2005, NetIQ AppManager, as well as Remedy Help Desk. Unfortunately my higher-ups nixed the project, but it was the coolest thing we had done and my developers were sad that it didn't continue.

    Revolutionary scripting.
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    PHP PHP PHP PHP PHP!! woohoo!

    Niiice stuff!  Now i'll have to check out IIS.  I never really used IIS because it didn't support PHP.   I take it PowerShell is the old Monad shell (MSH) ?

    EDIT 2: Hey rory, nice touches with the textovers and all, not bad. I like it.  I didn't think i would, but now seeing some of your videos, good stuff! 
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    I really love the C# feeling of it with the support for  hashtables, switch statements that can case on regular expressions, array slicing and the script blocks that can be stored as data and then later executed.

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    Good stuff guys!!  Congrats on shipping.

    Have been waiting to play with V1 bits for some time.  Now I need a tab in IE7 that shows PS startup script so I can config IE7 startup using a script (i.e. tabs to start, buttons, etc.)  Should also be able to config a gadget bar in IE7 using PS.  SBA also needs PS integration.  Cheers.
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    Very cool..

    sc00ter wrote:
    Now i'll have to check out IIS.  I never really used IIS because it didn't support PHP.

    PHP has had an ISAPI installer for quite a while.
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    <Did you noticed that Bill mentioned that we could get greater throughput but that the network was throttled?> 

    When I did the demo in the keynote we thought we had a problem because after I turned on IIS7 output caching - the CPU stayed at 100%. 

    Now doing a keynote demo - you can't have any glitches and having things break the day before the event - is a VERY VERY bad thing.  So there I am looking at my keynote demo not working before my very eyes. 

    I ran off and was examining the code looking for flaws.   I couldn't find any so I tried to enable caching a few more times and nothing worked.  I was starting to feel a little ill when I looked up at the gauges and noticed that they were ALSO BROKEN.   Things were getting WORSE. 

    Instead of showing 400+ Requests per second, the gauges were showing about 3000.  Arrrgggg!   I started trolling the system to see what was broken when it suddenly dawned on me that maybe the data was correct.  At the show, I had an isolated network so what was happening was that the stress machine just zoomed and the servers had REALLY gone from 24 to 3000 RPS - over 100x improvement.  Awesome  - truly awesome.  It is incredible to have an improvement soooo dramatic that you think your instrumenation is broken!

    BTW - that is why the demo is different in the keynote address - it wasn't interesting to show CPUs stay at 100%.  Smiley 

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