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    I love the idea of the IronPython shell integrated with Jasper. Nice demo. I just wish that I could move the camera around the shell!
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    Are theses generated methods overloadable? In my experience with SQL, the reason you end-up with all of theses strange, longed named functions and procedures is because overloading is not implemented. When is the last time anyone has seen a class without an overloaded method?
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    Argh. I want all these Orcas tools, and I want them yesterday! Expressionless
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    I have just finished downloading and watching the video. Jasper is very cool!

    I hope you will find a way to make the generated object model available in design-time on Visual Studio.

    On the more conventional aspects, this looks similar to something ASP.NET already solves: How to get access to the page's object model while editing the code-behind file. Of course, what ASP.NET currently does is rather a smart hack and not really dynamic.

    However, as one of you said, providing Intellisense on the names of new controls, classes or methods is uncharted territory. I don't know if/how other convention over configuration framework do this.

    @Carl Perry:  It is nice to have a face to go with your voice!
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    Hmm...kind of looks like sub-sonic. Although sub-sonic is all strongly typed and no late binding.

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    Hello. Smiley

    Is there anything wrong with your camera?
    The movies are not shooting the people faces in it...

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    I'm glad I found this.  I really like how Ruby on Rails does things.  It's good that it's being incorporated into IronPython through Jasper. 
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    I heard a while back that Jasper was discontinued and its code may be used somewhere in ADO.NET.  Any idea where we can learn more about this?

    I'm very much needing to have a datacontext (LINQ or EF) that is created dynamically at runtime based upon a connection string.

    Jason Kergosien

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