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This is an interesting video for Channel 9.

As many geeks know, the Office team at Microsoft is the team that typically sets the standard for UIs throughout our company, and then the industry beyond. It's where the experimentation takes place. It's like the Area 51 of UI workshops.

In this video, we get to learn about new licensing rules surrounding the Office UI elements. In the past, developers were confused as to how far they could go when it came to using Office-like UIs in their apps. The goal of the new licensing is to clear that up.

We also chatted a bit about Office and the way they had to work to innovate. As applications become more complex, they're putting a real strain on the interface elements we're all used to. The team has been working hard to come up with new ways of working with these complex apps. The "Ribbon" control is one such innovation.

Finally, there's a lawyer in this video. If you've ever wanted to see an interview with a Microsoft lawyer, this is your chance Smiley

Fun stuff.


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