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In this screencast, I show how to use the .NET CF 2.0 to create a simple web browser for the PocketPC. I also demonstrate how to access web resources programatically rather than by just using the new Web Browser Control.

This is a slightly more advanced screencast than the previous in the series.

The next screencast will be on creating data driven applications for Windows Mobile devices using SQL Server Mobile.

As always, you can read about my day job here, or visit my blog here.

Screencasts In This Series:

An Introduction To Windows Mobile Development

- Building a Simple Web Browser With the .NET CF 2.0

- A Simple Data Driven Windows Mobile App Using SQL Server Mobile

- Data Synching: Part One

- Data Synching: Part Two

- Windows Mobile 5.0: State Notification API

- Windows Mobile 5.0: Pocket Outlook Object Model

- Windows Mobile 5.0: Camera API



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The Discussion

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    It looks like you have ClearType enabled on the machine you're producing these videos from. A tip would be to turn that off. Text gets a slight discoloration when viewed after compression.

    But that's a technical issue. The content is as always top notch! Smiley
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    Huh - I totally didn't know that about ClearType. I'll keep that in mind for the rest of the screencasts - thank you Smiley
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    Deactivated User

    Comment removed at user's request.

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    When can we expect some new screencasts? I'm hungry for some PC applications done in VisualBasic.NET Smiley


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