Rory Does Windows Mobile Development - Data Synching With RDA: Part One

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    The only problem with this is that the connection string Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data Source=;User ID=mobile;Password=password;Initial Catalog=infopalpos does not work. The same connection string works on the host locally. The sqlcesa30.dll can be accessed from internet explorer on windows mobile. What gives?
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    I follwed the steps of the Configure Web Synchronization Wizard, and it works well when I access the SQL server Mobile Agent on my local machine throught Internet Explorer.

    The problem comes when I try to access it from my pocket PC, which is connected to my wireless network, it doesn't work. i know I'm connected because I can access shared folders on my local machine from my pocket PC.

    Funny thing is that if I turn off the wireless adapter on my pocket PC and then place it in the cradle works fine.

    Can anyone help figure this out.


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    I faced an error when I tried to install SQL Server 2005 Mobile Tools...
    It prompted me to install SQL Server 2005 Replication Component, but in fact I had installed the components in my machine earlier...
    So, any solutions for this problem?

    Thank you Smiley
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    Im not sure if your question was answered but there could be a couple of things wrong with this.

    1. IP address, DNS and subnetmask have to be the same or the connection will fail..
    2. your Firewall is on.

    I would start by going into your mobile device internet browser and type in the url to your desktop. ex. and see if the mobile browser can hit that dll. If not then try using the host name instead of the IP. Like this http://DELLDESKTOP/sqlce/sqlcesa30.dll . If all fails check your IIS confiuration or just create a PEER-TO-PEER connection with static IP's. Hope this helps.

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    Can u please take one session on Mereg Replication

    I am using SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Mobile Edition
    with VC# 2005

    in which I am using Merege Replication

    Actually their are few problems with Merge Replication

    I want to do Basic Operations on a particular table : like Select, Insert, Update, Delete

    out of which I was able to do Insert and Select operations
    in these my .Synchronize() function works very fine

    now i want to Update a single record from a Particular table

    I have written a code, in which it does updates with DataSet
    but when I use Synchronize() function to sync the SQL Server Data with my local Data from device
    nothing is happened, no change in Server Data

    So it will be great help to me if u take one session on Mereg Replication with all basic operations and few sample codes in screencast

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    Fixed it!
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    Hi Rory,Thank you for the two videos about RDA.If the IIS server and SQL Server database are on different boxes (not on same machine), how to do set up or specify URL for sqlcesa.dll and database?I am develop a mobile app but IIS computer and SQL server computer are not located on same machine. Please help.

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