Rory Does Windows Mobile Development - WM 5.0 Camera API

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    Rory, do some VB.NET PC stuff man Smiley I don't have a mobile device to code against like you big wealthy Softies Smiley
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    jsampsonPC wrote:
    Rory, do some VB.NET PC stuff man I don't have a mobile device to code against like you big wealthy Softies

    I'd be happy to Smiley

    I have other things planned that aren't Windows Mobile - WM is just my favorite topic, but there's other stuff on the way.

    Do you have any requests for specific topics?
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    Great set of podcasts!.  You explain things out well.

    I would like to see mobile development on older platform. HAve an
    older axim with 2003 on it. Also Outlook programming more sql.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!Smiley
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    Simon Hart
    Rory, very cool video, I enjoyed it and it blows me away the new API's that come with WM5.0.

    Do you know how to check if a device has a camera? As calling the API's without a camera throws an InvalidOperationException (of course!).

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    Simon Hart
    It's OK, I have figure it out with SNAPI using Microsoft.WindowsMobile.Status.SystemState.CameraPresent property which returns a boolean.
    This stuff never ceases to amaze me!

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    Adnan Siddiqi
    I was there was some way to use webcam for testing mobile 5.0 application in absence of a Mobile device.Sad
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    Acapulco Rolf
    Thanks Rory,

    Great webcast!

    Is there a way of using the WM5 SDK to access the second camera on a WM5 device?

    I'm using an HTC Universal right now and would like to know how to reference the front facing camera

    Many thanks, keep up the webcasts....
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    Actually since you asked (a long time ago) there is one topic that I am interested in doing.

    A Phone Blocker (by phone number)

    I have been trying to find some papers on WindowsMobile.Telephony API abut having no luck. I can call a number but that is about it.

    Any chance on doing a webcasts on that?

    Also love the webcasts they got me up to speed on programming my first WM application with SqlCE.


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    hi rory,

    great screencast!

    is there a camera api for pcoket pc 2003?

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    Are there any programs that have been developed using this API?  (Besides HP's horrible Photosmart Camera Software)
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    Hi Rory,

    Very good work ! Im from Brazil and i'm developing a mobile application that need to capture some photos. Im using CameraCaptureDialog and works fine, but i need a greater resolution then size(240,320), i tryed to increase those values but the result is the same. How can i use a better resolution?

    Thanks !! By the way, wen youre caming to Brazil?

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    Man you are really good......I do like this kind of learning.
    If you do have the time.........please consider a screencast about directshow capabilities of WM 5.0 I would be very happy to figure out how that stuff is working.
    Thank you for your effort and keep up the good work.
    If you do come someday to Romania please let me now...
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    Hi Rory,

    is there a camera api for pcoket pc 2003?

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    Hi Rory,

    Is there anyway to make a bigger preview window?  On the Motorola Q, the preview is SO small, I hate it!  I'd like to have a full screen preview.  Your tutorial was helpful for everything else.

    Thanks in advance...

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    The camera API is very enticing. The "prompt to capture" limitation is the only thing holding me back. Is there any thing like the Windows User32.dll API that can issue SendKeys on WM5.0? I imagine you could hack your way around the prompting. My goal is a mobile app that will take pictures on its own and push them onto an FTP site. I will then write some Ajax page to continously check for a new photos so I can monitor my 'spy camera' on a PC.

    Probably Not,

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    Man the autocapture idea would RoCK...

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    hey Rory nice tutorial for beginners but i wanted something in VC++ (lower level api's using directshow) to capture & stream videos
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    I used same code for my HP iPAQ rw6815 and picture looks like this:

    Is it my model's problem or something else?
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    I am trying to use the cameraCaptureDialog on a Pidion BM 150-R running WM 5.0 with the Messaging and Security Feature Pack. I get an System.InvalidOperationException error. The value of SystemState.CameraPresent is False even though there is an embedded camera on the device and it is working.

    There was no registry value for \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\State\Hardware\Camera. I added a DWord value for Camera = 1 Now SystemState.CameraPresent is True, but I still get the same InvalidOperationException error. Are there any other registry values that I can add to get this working with the camera API or is this a problem that the manufacturer of this device needs to fix?

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    I desire to develop application similar to webcam. I don't want the camera dialog appear, and PC can monitor via USB.

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    Hi Rory,

    Cool webcast! I especially liked the 999-9999-9999 bit. Big Smile Its always the simple things that make us laugh. Big Smile

    Anyhoo, I'm currently writing a WM6 app which needs to trap key presses. I'm wondering if its possible to trap a Camera button press?

    Can this be done through the camera API. Or do you know of a keycode for the camera button?


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