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    Another great webcast, thanks!

    Is there a way to install a service onto a Windows Mobile 5.0 device? It seems that the SNAPI would really shine as a service to notify, or run, other applications when certain events occur. I am working on an app that, on sync, needs to get a file from the local computer, that gets manipulated, then sent back once work is complete. If I could run a service that responded to the ActiveSync, or Cradled, states, I could start the app to transfer files, or do it directly from the service.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance.

    btw, when are you coming back to Somerville? We are working on the streets to make them more sensible for out of towners. [6]

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    I am trying to use the MessagingMmsUnread Windows Mobile API (under SNAPI) in the following line:

    MMScount.Text = SystemState.GetValue(SystemProperty.MessagingMmsUnread).ToString();

    The application is generating an error on a WM 5.0 device with NETCF 2.0 installed.

    Doing some research on MSDN and other places online, I found very few uses of or references to this particular MMS API.

    Does it actually work? How can I make it work?

    I'd appreciate any pointers in the right direction.


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    What is the error you are seeing with the MessagingMmsUnread property?

    btw, another way to get the value is to use: SystemState.MessagingMmsUnread

    all of the properties can be accessed through static properties on the SystemState object.  The main difference between using the static property and GetValue is that the static properties are usually strongly typed (where GetValue returns 'object'). 

    great screen cast!
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    Hi btshil,
    Have you got the unread number of MMS successfully?
    I came into the same problem recently, I cann't get MMS's unread numbers, I donn't know why? Please help me!

    Thank you in advance!
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    Dox Doigts

    I'm not able to see the videos.
    How can I view them please?

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