Rory Does Windows Mobile Development - WM 5.0 Pocket Outlook API

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The Discussion

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    This is a very good article and leaves few questions un-answered.  This webcast shows how to create an app that works with Outlook data.  A next step may be to create an application that works within Outlook.  Along the lines of this webcast, I would recommend a webcast on extending the Contacts menu in Windows Mobile 5.0 by implementing IContextMenu in C#. Good job!

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    I was very disappointed.  The API does seem to be able to change the profile of the mobile device, can read the status, but changing it?

    I emailed Rory as he offered in his presentation and had no reply. I was very discouraged with the whole thing.


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    Excellent Screencasts ... these are great for an answer to the "what do I not know about" question. Thanks Smiley
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