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In this screencast, I introduce you to the basics of POOM.

POOM is the Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket Outlook Object Model, and it's a thing of beauty. The API is clean, easy to understand, and, just to top it off, it works.

The demo shows how to pull contacts from the Pocket Outlook data store, and also how to create a new contact.

If you don't watch this screencast, then it's because you hate beautiful things.

POOM rocks.

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The Discussion

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    This is a very good article and leaves few questions un-answered.  This webcast shows how to create an app that works with Outlook data.  A next step may be to create an application that works within Outlook.  Along the lines of this webcast, I would recommend a webcast on extending the Contacts menu in Windows Mobile 5.0 by implementing IContextMenu in C#. Good job!

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    I was very disappointed.  The API does seem to be able to change the profile of the mobile device, can read the status, but changing it?

    I emailed Rory as he offered in his presentation and had no reply. I was very discouraged with the whole thing.


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    Excellent Screencasts ... these are great for an answer to the "what do I not know about" question. Thanks Smiley
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