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This was the first time I had ever met Scott Guthrie in person.

Like many devs working with MS dev tools, I was quite familiar with the guy - just about everything he says is useful. I used to code by his posts, articles, and interviews.

Meeting him was weird.

For one thing, he's way taller than I am, which doesn't help with my short-man's complex.

For another, I learned that he does much more work than I ever would have thought. I already knew that he was a busy guy, but I didn't know he basically ran Microsoft (that's my opinion - Scott, who is somehow able to be highly intelligent, successful, and humble, might tell you otherwise).

In this interview, we covered a lot of ground. Watch and learn about:

- MIX07

- What's doing on the web technologies front

- What's so special about IIS 7.0

- Why you should care about Orcas

- What it's like to go into meetings with executives like Gates, Ballmer, and Ozzie

- How, even with as much status and power Scott has, he still doesn't have his own parking spot (this made me feel a little better about myself and my lack of accomplishments)

And more, of course.

The first 3/4 of the video are tech, with the last 1/4 being mostly candid conversation. I wanted to get the personal side of Scott because, although many of us have (literally) profited from his technical work, the guy is still a bit of a mystery. I wanted to know what goes on inside the head of someone who has done so much.

Hopefully, he'll come back on and share a few more stories.

It was a very fun interview to conduct. Enjoy, people Smiley



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The Discussion

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    Dudes! When the heck where you going to tell me about c# in wpe and outside the browser?  Pretty big news to be slipped in as a side comment Smiley  I have wanted that for some time.  Great news and great video.  Thanks Scott and Rory.
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    Good Interview!
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    Scott, I don't know how you hold all the data you hold in your head.  When I learn something new I always forget something else Smiley

    Great to meet you Seattle last September.  Looking forward to seeing you at the CodeMash conference next week.


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    Good interview.

    It wasn't too techincal, yet informative.

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    Consistent edification as ever from Scott. I have been programming .NET for a couple of years now, so am still relatively new, consequently I'm shocked at the rate of change within things like Visual Studio 2005. This only came out in November 2005 and just as I’m getting to grips with that, Orcas is about to get CTP’ed (in a  little over a year, how does one keep up?). Like the interviewer consistently showing due deference, how on earth does Scott remain able to see the-wood-for-the-trees? I bet he would say things like hard work, dedication and that being surrounded by intelligent people keeps-him-on-his-toes. Don’t think it’s that simple though!

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    nice interview.
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    Did we really need so many Mac references? It only needed to be mentioned twice - wpf/e and safari, wpf on mac.
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    Have to say the main reason I'm going to WebDD is to hear Scott talk. 
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    Rory seriously needs a self-respect workshop or something Tongue Out

    Cool interview. Scott's always fun to listen to.
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    LOL @ 32:42
    Are they saying what I think they're saying?
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    Unbelievable interview Rory and Scott. Smiley

    Seriously considering attending Mix 07 since my birthday is May 1.

    Looks like Visual Studio 2007 by including Expression Designer as a component will be the one Web Developers have been waiting for.Tongue Out

    One question for Scott:

    Will you be able to run animations developed as code in Visual Studio 2007 or do you have to import your code back into Expression Blend to see the results of your coding?  Perplexed

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    As always a great interview! It's really impressing to see the list of ALL the projects Scott Guthrie is involved with (big cred to all his developers as well!!). I start every morning at work reading his blog (
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    Paul D. Murphy
    You are spot on with that assesment of ScottGu.
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    intrepid wrote:
    Did we really need so many Mac references? It only needed to be mentioned twice - wpf/e and safari, wpf on mac.

    I think I'll never fail to be impressed by the myriad ways devs/geeks have of being petty.

    To echo your comment, did we really need another comment complaining about something totally irrelevant to what was, overall, a very good interview?

    Did the repeated mentions somehow damage the rest of the information?

    Any feedback you can give us on this subject would be helpful.

    I mean, are we using the proper number of pixels for our smiley icons? Would you like a different color scheme for the site?

    Would it please you if we conducted the interviews in Esperanto?

    Here at C9 HQ, we await, with bated breath, your answers, princess.

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    Let me give you a bit of helpful advice.  Your interview style is corny.  Learn to not be so self-deprecating.  Nobody wants to know if you feel you haven't accomplished what you want in life so far.  Don't put yourself down, just ask the guest a thoughtful insightful question, and then get out of his way.  We want to hear from him, not so much you.  Also, don't fidgit so much, it's annoying.  This isn't dotnetrocks, we CAN see you.

    As far as content goes, it was a great interview!  Good job!

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    Is it true that Mac OS will be a first class citizen as far as the .NET Framework is concerned?

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    Thanks Scott and Rory, this is a very nice one. I added a link to it on the front page of, because I think it's a great overview over what Microsoft is offering and preparing in the next future.


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    Mehdi Golchin
    scott is a true man. I really really love him.
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    What codec is this using ? I can't view it in OS X using the Flip4Mac codec. Embarassed
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    Mehdi Golchin

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