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Just as you need someone behind the scenes to articulate the motions of a MuppetTM for the screen, you also need someone to sit behind a web site and get it to do stuff.

Adam Kinney was such a man (for the web thing - he has not, to my knowledge, except possibly at a few parties, ever been in control of a MuppetTM).

Adam toiled away for years in the Channel 9 boiler room, knocking pipes with his cyberwrench and other tools, all of which begin with "cyber" to indicate that I'm not really talking about a boiler room. It's a metaphor.

And now he's going. Not very far since his new job leaves him in the same building, in the same office, and so only about ten feet from where I sit, but now it feels like there's a great distance between us.

This is Adam's farewell.

We talked about life as a Channel 9 geek, life in his new shoes, his attempt at conducting business inside Second Life, and more.

For serious, we're going to miss Adam around here. That's going to be cheapened a bit by him still roaming the halls and waving, but we can still pretend he's gone.

Goodbye, Adam Kinney.

I'll see you tomorrow.



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The Discussion

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    Well, its sad to see Adam go. Sad

    Good luck in your new team.

    Perhaps we will see you again in Ch9 videos to tell us about Client side stuff. WPF/Win Forms/sliverlight..etc.

    Its kind of shocking to see you leave C9 before the beta became gold , but..

    I hope you remain as a member of C9. [A]

    PS: Good to see Rory. Hope all is well:)
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    Channel 10 was actually written in 5 weeks by the 3 of us.  But you know how it goes...THE FISH WAS THIIIIIIIS BIG!  Tongue Out
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    Have fun with Silverlight.

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    haha.  I like how they made fun of starting sentences with "so".  I never understood why nearly everybody in these videos says "so" instead of "well" or something.  Is it one of those radio personality coaching techniques "whatever you do, don't say 'um' or ah' "?
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    So Adam is leaving to work on the Silverlight team?  How wierd is it for someone to leave a group and still work next door?
    Does that happen a lot at MS?
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    j0217995 wrote:
    So Adam is leaving to work on the Silverlight team?  How wierd is it for someone to leave a group and still work next door?
    Does that happen a lot at MS?

    Adam works for Dr. Sneath now. He's still in DPE and is still on Steve Cellini's team (Steve is our Grandboss...).

    It's been a pleasure working with you, Adam. Something tells me you'll be seeing more of Adam on C9 in the future....

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    Congrats on your new job
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    Good luck on figuring out what it is you're now supposed to be doing, Adam! Sure you'll enjoy it anyway.

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    Thanks for the kinds words everybody.  And yes it was five weeks instead of three.  I have also been at the new job, two and a half months instead of one and a half.  Funny how my recollection was so fuzzy when put on the spot. 

    My next Silverlight prototype I have will be a farewell present to the Niners.  And similiar to not moving offices its a pretty easy farwell to Channel 9 since I'll still be hangingout here just in a different context.

    Long live the 9 guy!  Smiley
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    My plan is unfolding! Now that Adam has been removed, I can move in and begin working with the c9 team....yes, yes I can see it now, it will be a glorious moment!

    Mike, Fellow Sampson, put in a good word for me Wink


        I'm actually going to be applying for a job at Microsoft
        in the new future I think. I'd love to work with the c9
        team too.
        Gotta work on my portfolio a bit more, so that Sandquist
        can't resist me when I apply Wink
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    So long Adam. Thanks for all the hard work you have done on C9. Big Smile

    Have fun, and release alot of videos for C9, ok? Big Smile
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    Ahmet DemiR

    bu ne

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    So long, Adam!
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    I demand regular cartoon editorials from Sir Adam even whilst said artist/author is under the command of Doctors researching UFOs (aka 'Silverlight').

    Take a parachute and watch for sneath attacks. Don't ever get coffee for Tim. Cross-dressing may keep him at bay. Enough of my sage advice.

    Enjoy yourself and imagine your new chains are rewarding.

    Keep a 9-guy on your desk.
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    I hope you enjoy it a lot Adam Smiley
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    What a nice little video. Enjoyed it a lot! Best luck to Adam!
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    Thanks guys!

    Yes more cartoons, that's a good idea Smiley
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    AdamKinney wrote:
    Yes more cartoons, that's a good idea

    Cartoons... what kind are we talking?

    But Adam... why SecondLife? And more importantly, why a non-human in SL? I'd hate to accuse you of becoming a furry or anything, but what other explanation is there?

    //SecondLife is scary

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