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For my first interview back from my little "vacation," I got to interview Tony Bernard about BizTalk.

This video focuses on EDI features of BizTalk, but in the process shows off a bit of what BizTalk can do.

Throughout my entire life as a geek, I've heard the name "BizTalk" spoken over and over, but I've never known what to think beyond the name. Sometimes another geek steps in and says something like, "BIZTALK IS AWESOME," but that doesn't tell me much about what it does.

During this interview, I learned about some of what it can do. I also learned about EDI - another term I had heard, but about which I knew nothing.

My verdict is that BizTalk has a lot of room to be interesting, and people who use EDI should count their lucky little stars that BizTalk exists.





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The Discussion

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    Yay does this mean Rory is back. WB buddy.
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    I actually wrote our own EDI system in 2 months, plus an integration going on at the same time with a trading partner.  It's only been used for the transportation industry so far, but it's processed at least a couple hundred thousand messages.   The 2 month system was a rewrite of the first time I wrote the EDI system.  The first EDI system I wrote when I was brand new to EDI had an XML system that would map the EDI to a table, and do an insert or update on a table.  It started getting to complex to support every scenario in XML, so I rewrote and the second version is a lot better.

    Of course it can't compare with a system like BizTalk, but it's not bad for a pure EDI system.  So there isn't a tight coupling it will use reflection, and load an assembly dynamically and call it to actually do the processing on EDI message.  However, there are objects that the external dll's use to read/create the EDI file itself, for example, to read or create an EDI "compatible" date\time value.  It doesn't have a full GUI, and everything else, like deep validation of every type of transaction set and every segment/offset when creating the 997 response.  The last I checked into BizTalk, the deal killer was having to purchase a license for each individual company or server.

    It looks very interesting and complete though.
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    This was a very interesting demo.  Tony shared a lot of info in a short period of time.
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    Nice to hear you again.


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