SAP HANA on Azure Architecture Design

Play SAP HANA on Azure Architecture Design

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    Great session , Thank you for the detailed talk

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    Hi , Could you please share the slide deck .


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    Hello There,

    Very cool to see your post come up when I was searching this topic!
    I have a problem with creating a CDS for a virtual table.
    The physical tables stored in HANA DB of BW system and exposed to ERP HANA DB via SAP SDA.
    So, I have a virtual table in needed HANA DB and I can see table content from HANA studio.
    I need to consume a data from the virtual table in ABAP.
    It isn't allowed to <a href=""> create a CDS view above virtual table, </a> so I tried to create an attribute view on the virtual table and then a calculation view, but it didn't work as well.
    Anyways great write up, your efforts are much appreciated.

    Many Thanks,

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    Fantastic Video with alot of concept explained.

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    The details provided in this presentation were very informative. I knew very little about SAP HANA in Azure and now I feel well educated on the topic. If this presentation were published today (August 2018), how much of the content has changed? Is there an updated version of this presentation that includes any changes and what offerings are available today?

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    Thanks for the session <a href="">SAP HANA TRAINING </a>

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