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    Isn't it great to put all these .Net supporting languages under one Studio? may be the next next version of Visual Studio? Where we will be able to create a project using all kind of Languages ... C#, Python, VB, C++, Forth etc ....:O
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    I would so love to work in an office like that, look at the view he's got!!!
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    A compiler, that's something I would like to try, and maybe sooner than I had in plan Smiley
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    Eberton Konieczny Sobreira
    I'd never imagine that some programming languages exists, and all of them joined in the same IDE and Framework would be awesome! Smiley
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    Well that is for the love of programming. I'm sure there are easier ways to solver the Hanoi issue than to write your own compiler. Still I'm sure to download and have a play. Whats next Valer? Haskell.NET? or maybe Miranda.NET? or my personal favourite Scheme.NET... now that would be pure masochism. And don't listen to Dr Sneath... Who needs WFC when you can have a command line?
    Great work!
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