MC Chris Rocked the house

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Awesome show last night from MC Chris.

capitalSteps opened the show with some rocking techno played only on GameBoys. He had an SP, a Micro and a super old school original GameBoy complete with LightBoy. You gotta see to rock.

Next up was Optimus Rhyme. These Seattle boys were the only act that night to use a non-computer based instrument. I think that this "guitars" could catch on with the kids.

Chris rocked the house as always. He's not only rap-tastic but educational as well. Here's what I learned about Rap Hands (one hand in the air boucing to the beat):

1. Do not do Rap hands throughout the entire song. You will get a cramp and will be unable to play video games.
2. If you find that Rap hands do not adequately express how hardcore you are, bend your elbow a bit. Now you are very hardcore
3. Do not at any time stop doing Rap hands. If you stop, you will be a bad guy from Wolfenstien. Keep your hands going at all times.

Soon we'll have some footage for you guys and you'll be able to practice your Rap hands along to the phat beats.



The Discussion

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    To be clear about #1, he said you wouldn't able to play Red Steel on the Wii Smiley

    Throughout the show he mentioned repeatedly that he had to play a few cruddy games because he doesn't have a 360 ... hmm... I wonder if he actually wants one?

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    We'll be posting a bit footage... we might post some extra footage up for you as well, I'll see what our 4 cameras came up with Smiley

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