How to Use Digital Cable Tuners with CableCARD in Windows 7 Media Center

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    It is time to build Windows 7 HTPC with 4 cable tuners on board. Get rid from ugly cable boxes forever. Thanks Microsoft and CableLabs.

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    Note you still have to get the actual cableCARD, which goes into the OCUR tuner, from your cable provider. Most companies send out a technician to install the card.

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    Not to be a stick in the mud, but what about Media Center with Satellite feed instead of cable? What are the choices for this type of setup?


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    This article is posted at 11AM October 22nd, yet twice you mention the Cable Advisor and DCT Firmware will be available on the 22nd.  It is now the 24th and I still do not see the firmware anywhere, except the special people that received it magically and have written reviews on it at the beginning of the month - where is it?  My tuning adapters have been anxiously waiting to be hooked up for the past month!

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    The Ceton TV card is what I am waiting for before I go for broke.  For Live TV, the last missing piece of the puzzle is ability to stream Live TV to other Media Center PCs in the home.  I can see this achieved by creating a Windows based or perhaps more ideal, a Silverlight based MC Extender application.  The content streaming would be limited to the Homegroup.

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    i want to ask you something

    does it run automatically without any setup

    and if so, can you watch from it without need a reciever
    and by reciever i mean this
    cause i dont kno..w how can you run your tv cable there in US is it through the reciever or directly to the tv

    cause i am from egypt and may be you have different setting from us
    well i hope that with windows media center there is no need for a reciever
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    Satellite TV doesn't seem to have similar arbitrary restrictions like Cable does, since both the US and Europe use DVB-S for Satellite TV you should be fine with whatever Hauppauge makes.


    BTW, what's the current status of DVB-T, DVB-T2, and MHEG support in Win7's MCE?

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    I got excited after reading this post and connected my ATI Digital Cable Tuner to my Windows 7 Premium PC only to be told (like I was back in Vista) that my PC was not Cable Card ready.   I installed my tuner, updated to the latest firmware, but when I went to add the tuner to Media Center I got the dreaded "Your computer is not digital cable ready" message.    Thinking this was wrong based on the article above I opened a support ticket with Microsoft only to be told that the OEM had to pre-enable this feature for it work.   Sigh. 

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    Same thing just happened to me, the dreaded "Your computer is not digital cable ready.."  In the Windows 7 media center menu, go the "Extras" and find the digital cable advisor application (icon shows the end of a coaxial cable).  Run the application and accept the download.  You will not be able to use a digital cable card until you do this.  Once this is completed return to the setup and it should run smoothly.  I just got my first two cable card tuners working and was happy to toss away IR blasters and return a cable box to my provider..  

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    Mine has 5 now with the OCUR SDV's built in tuner.

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    So I have this card, it shows up as a network device. I log into the device ( but when I look at the device it has .98 as the IP. .97 is the gateway and this allows me to see the control panel) but when I click the Tuner tab I get a 404 page not found. Also Media Center does not detect it as a tuner. I have no antivirus and no firewall right now and I still can not get this thing running. Anyone have any clue what I can do? I have passed the Digital Cable test on MCE as well/

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    what if you do not have cable, just antenna tv

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    I have a Ceton card, would love to limit the number of programs that are recording at the same time to 3, reserving 1 tuner for use to watch live.
    Any ideas on how to do this?

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