Media Center without a TV Tuner

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    It's unfortunate how most of this stuff is not available in Canada because the websites check your IP and know where you are in the world.

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    Great post, but correct me if I'm wrong, only PlayOn and TubeCore can bring Hulu to Media Center extenders? (and they both cost money, think I'll try TubeCore). Wait looks like TubeCore requires media server software like PlayOn to work anyway, might as well just use PlayOn as the media servers that support Hulu cost money too.

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    My favorite Win7 Media Center feature is Internet is vastly improved and I absolutely love the Zune Video Podcast channel.

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    any of these available outside of US?

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    My thoughts exactly.  Too bad we can't get that Hulu in Canada.  However, we can go to in Canada.  Not sure if US residents have access to this site.

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    Hulu is U.S.-only, but several of those plugins connect to other streaming video services besides Hulu like YouTube and Rev3, for example. You might want to try one of those. 

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    For about $8 a month, you can get a VPN account that will give you access to IP addresses in the UK, US, Canada, Germany and all of the above. I use VPN UK. Great service, very reliable if you have broadband.

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    Thanks for the great post, Media Center on Windows 7 is great. What more can I say, "It just works"

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    Ever tried a proxy? or check can setup your machine with this proxy or others out there to appear to come from where you'd like Wink

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    SAWEEEEEETT!!!!! Thanks for that morsel!!!

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    Thanks for the post.


    How about a Channel9 plugin for Media Center?

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