Microsoft Surface Apps for Windows 7

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At the Tablet PC meetup at CES’s CntrStg, a Microsoft representative was demonstrating a Windows 7 touchscreen computer and its capabilities. After going through the usual – Aero Peek, shake to minimize, the new taskbar, and more – she showed us some really cool apps. Built by the Microsoft Surface team specifically for Windows 7, two new applications take advantage of the native touch and multi-touch capabilities built into Windows 7.

The first app demonstrated is called Microsoft Surface Collage for Windows 7. The app is a multi-touch photo viewing application. The photos on the screen can be resized using pinches, as has become standard with touch apps. And because it’s multi-touch, two people can touch and move the photos at the same time. You can use your finger to flip through the filmstip at the bottom of the screen, too.


The second application demonstrated was Microsoft Surface Globe for Windows 7. This one was a touch screen mapping application that let you zoom in and out on satellite imagery using pinches. You could also swipe your finger across the screen to move the map around.



Neither of these applications are available for download just yet, but they should be released around the same time that Windows 7 becomes publicly available. 

[Special thanks for CntrStg for providing a great place to upload Channel 10 videos while at CES.]

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