Seth Juarez

This is my special spot to post all of the interviews I get to do while at @ch9! Generally each video starts with some type of technology question I have and follow up on. Would love to focus on your questions as well! If you have a question about anything Microsoft related feel free to hit me up: I will try my best to find the right person to answer!

  • Microsoft IIS Administration- A new way to manage IIS
    13 minutes, 10 seconds
  • Visual Studio Docker Tools for building ASP.NET Core Web Apps – The September Release
    46 minutes, 32 seconds
  • Cortana Intelligence Gallery – the hub for intelligent solutions
    18 minutes, 38 seconds
  • Device to device communication using Azure IoT Hub
    16 minutes, 53 seconds
  • A Linear Method for Non-Linear Work: Our Data Science Process
    22 minutes, 23 seconds
  • Azure Platform Monitoring Overview
    41 minutes, 59 seconds
  • Automatic Mining of Text for Trends, Anomalies and Correlations
    41 minutes, 18 seconds
  • Using the Recommendations API to Solicit Donations
    10 minutes, 0 seconds
  • Machine Learning at Work in the Wind Energy Domain
    17 minutes, 13 seconds
  • Predicting Traits from Genomic Data
    30 minutes, 48 seconds