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About a month or so ago I realized that creating great API documentation was difficult. I decided to #lazyweb the problem directly to twitter. As it turns out there was already an awesome solution in the works called DocFX that was in use at the main .NET Core site! I immediately jumped on it to try to learn more: it is fantastic. I reached out to Peter to see if he would spend some time discussing (the now open source) project and he was gracious enough to oblige. Would love your thoughts!



The Discussion

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    Pretty cool

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    Jan Dryk

    Yes, .NET needs this. Visual Studio Gallery? Maybe even ship with Visual Studio?

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    I have written an application in the same style called NSharpDoc using Roslyn to document the source code written in C#. More information:

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    Really cool stuff. Like Seth I needed to document an API. DocFX seems to be a great solution for mixing standard API docs with more helpful HowTo docs.

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