An Introduction to Microservices with Mark Russinovich

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The Discussion

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    Nicely connects dev, deploy, implementation and architecture

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    Informative and clear explanation. Thanks.

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    Great explanation of what really is a microservice

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    Great video summary.

    Can we do a deep dive with how to do an application using a naming service? Maybe a super simple example where you have a page, with two text boxes & button, click the button, it adds two numbers together using a GET request via the naming service [which two calculator endpoints, running in some container are registered] to find what servers are running an adding service? I know I'm needy but if you put out an example I am happy to follow :)

    PS: I drink the Microsoft coolaid so if you show me which one will play best with MVC and can run in a private cloud I'll be the happiest.

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     Great talk, can't wait for the next episode.  If we can get Mark to talk for 25 mins on Service Fabric that would be awesome.

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    awesome video. Very good information.

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    Good overview of cluster managers toward the end of the video!  Really looking forward to the follow up on Service Fabric!

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    Good Start ! kind of more deep n to deployment. It would be great to see some examples

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    So what are the processes as far as task manager is concerned? (at the process level).

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    I've been reading and learning about Microservices for a good while and never really understood why & how Microservices was solving the monolithic application issue.  After watching the video, I now understand Microservices and why to use Microservices and it's technology and implementation. 

    Even though this is a video by Microsoft and with Microsoft employees, it provides a vendor agnostic explanation of Microservices.

    Here's a very good blog post by Mark that mirrors the video:

    Microservices: An application revolution powered by the cloudA very good read after you watch the video above.

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    I feel this explanation is a bit revisionist.

    N-teir Architecture was created to let application scale horizontally. There have been a number of precursors to Microservices that were available from hosting functionality in MTS containers and using proxies to very simple RPC call.    

    I think we have to be careful not destroy the lineage of our ideas otherwise we lose the real reason we are evolving them.

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