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You asked for it, we delivered!  We have expanded support of Microsoft MakeCode for Minecraft Windows 10.  Check out how to get it, connect it, and teach a little person in your life how to code.






The Discussion

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    Is this available in French too?

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    Thank you so much! This is the best news I heard all month! A little surprised it's not an appx package install, but oh well. I am going to be all over this, and this is going to make it so much easier to get some younger family members interested in coding. This really is the sweet spot. Thanks for making it happen.

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    Thank you!  

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    I am getting error when try to download.

    <Message>The specified resource does not exist. RequestId:7725e216-001e-0034-101c-431835000000 Time:2017-10-12T05:40:25.8610720Z</Message>

    From here,  


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    Hello folks, I found out there is a connection issue. Fix should be in by next week.  I'll post an update when it's out - please standby...

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    Christopher Frenning

    I can't make this work. Have Minecraft 1.2.2 for Windows 10 (same version as featured in the video). Connection is established to Code Connection, but it reports Error: Please update Minecraft: Education Edition to the latest version.

    Any hints on what is wrong? I'm back accessing the windows shop from Norway.

    Kids disappointed since this weekends project is not happening...

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    I am getting the same "update to the latest MC EDU version" as Christopher.

    BOO! HISS!

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    I'm getting the same error as the rest of you :(

    My younger brother is disappointed now..

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    Same problem connecting! Might this be language related? I'm running Minecraft for Windows 10 in Portuguese for my daughter.

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    I'm getting the same message as everyone else on Minecraft for Windows 10 (English). It connects, but tells me to update Minecraft for Education edition.

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    Abhijith chatra

    Hi Folks,

    We have a bug on Minecraft Windows 10 which is blocking the connection. We have fixed the issue and update will be released mid this week for general public. We will update this thread as soon as the update is available in Minecraft Windows 10. Thanks for your patience.

    Sincere apologies, we will strive to do better next time.


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    Oddly enough, I downloaded the bits shortly after first published, and it still seems to work just fine. I'm using Minecraft 1.2.2 ( and Code Connections for Minecraft

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    @Jaqster: Have the issue connecting to win 10 Minecraft being resolved? 

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    Christopher Frenning

    Crossing my fingers... can I surprise my kids this weekend???

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    Alright everyone... everything should be fixed now!  Please try connecting again, and let me know if you're still running into any issues....

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    Abhijith Chatra

    Bug is fixed in todays release of Minecraft Windows 10. Please make sure Minecraft Windows 10 is upgraded to v1.2.3

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    Woohoo! :D

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    Why is the API so limited?

    For example, 

    blocks.onBlockPlaced(STONE_ID, function () {
        // But how do we get the position of where the block was placed???
        // Why isn't that information passed to the event handler???

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    Double S

    Hi, I've got the problem prompting the /connect xxx.. command unknown.
    I am using Minecraft for Windows 10 version 1.12.2 and the latest version of code connection.
    Is it supported for Minecraft for Windows 10 now??

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    Very nice. Thank you for this. I would ask for a way to edit .js files directly (so I could use my own editor like vsCode or Notepad++.

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    Installed latest Minecraft Windows 10 edition (non edu). Installed latest code connection.
    connects to /connect
    BUT - NO window opens - so I can't use the make code or code connection.

    Any suggestions?

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