Async Functions in JavaScript with Etienne Baudoux

Play Async Functions in JavaScript with Etienne Baudoux

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    Harm Meijer

    Native Promise in Chrome can have you throw errors to reject a promise.

    Throwing error in jQuery Deferred will not work but as far as I know other browsers implement this natively.

    Is Promise coming to IE or do programmers have to go to the "and now test for IE" phase again? Because at some point programmers will likely just skip this part.

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    Nice video, but I do have some issues with the shown examples!


    async function doSomething(num)

    always returns a promise. The
    return await doSomething(--num)
    doesn't change a thing. Returning the promise outright would work just as well.


    async function httpGetJSON(url)
    has the same issue. Plus it doesn't do any JSON parsing! :)

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