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I have seen a ton of videos on the magic of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) and how we can now write the same code to target a multitude of devices. Let's face it though, I'm a dev, I want to see how it's done (and as an extension that it is indeed possible). Queuing off of some feedback from a video on XAML improvements, we decided to make a real application that simultaneously targets the client, the phone, and a Raspberry PI 2 with the same codebase. It turns out that it isn't all that magical at all. This three part series is divided into the following sections:

  • Getting Started - In this section Navit writes an app shows how the exact same codebase behaves in the client, the phone, and the Raspberry PI
  • Customizing for the Device - Daniel then takes the code and shows how to take the codebase Navit started to customize the experience for each device.
  • Store Ready - Unni then takes the application from Daniel and shows how to get the app store ready and even creates a fully prepared package for store deployment.

This is Part 3 in the series: Store Ready.

Feel free to ask questions below! The team seemed eager to help. Also, let us know if you build an app so we can showcase your work!

Now complete with code!!



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