Cloud Scalability Patterns with Matt Johnson

Play Cloud Scalability Patterns with Matt Johnson

The Discussion

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    This is a must watch video for anyone who is moving apps to the cloud! Thanks for putting this together!

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    kudos.! :)

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    Great video!

    It is great to know that p&p team is now part of AzureCat team. 

    I have been waiting for video like this for very long time.

    After Fail Safe series there was not so focused architecture guidance on cloud topics in my opinion.

    Why don't we have p&p show on channel 9 that explore in details cloud architecture, scalability, resiliency and a lot more so Azure developers can have better guidance for building great cloud solutions.

    Is there a way to make request chnannel 9 to host show like this?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Old Timer

    Sharding is a 1970's approach named Federated Database. Nothing new under the sun, except the redundant vocabulary.

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    @Old Timer: I love how we keep inventing old things in our field...

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    Nice video which confirms most of the patterns we've choosen to write our SaaS product.

    While CQRS is mentioned a lot when people talk about the cloud and Microsoft has written a book about it in the past (2012) I don't see it explicitly highlighted much here on channel 9.

    As Kanio_Dimitrov mentioned it would be very nice if there would be a series which highlighted the best practices of the available techniques with cloud and scalibility in mind.

    Maybe also time for an update of the CQRS Journey book with the now available techniques?

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    muy bueno, me encanta.

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