Erica Wu on the Bot Framework and Cognitive Services

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    great app, can you please post the source code?

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    Fantastic work, Erica! The Twitter integration creates a nice "ear to the ground" for giving your bot situational awareness focused on a pre-defined, fixed filter combined with user-specific subscriptions. Very nice. I'm curious to see what models and approaches emerge in bots, as they learn more and more from their environment, from popular services, and then integrate all of these things. Do you have plans to advance this bot with lots of new features? Or are you planning to experiment with some other bots?

    I built my first demo bot over the weekend and look forward to learning more about LUIS, FormFlow for Bot Framework, and all of the other Cognitive Services from Microsoft, Google, IBM, and elsewhere.

    I see chat bots, virtual assistants, and AI as inevitable, powerful, useful, ... and now practical with frameworks that make messaging platform integrations so simple: I spent only about an hour getting my first Bot Framework bot onto Skype and SMS, and there are many messaging platforms available for integrating easily into, with step-by-step instructions, that could be added next.

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    This interviewer is annoying. Sense alot of arrogance in his voice and just want to punch him in the face.

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